Sunday, January 5, 2014

Java - Bedoyo Ketawang - LP Galloway - Musique du Monde 7 (1974)


Another very beautiful LP of Gamelan music in this great series. 
For more information about this series and the man who made these recordings see our post: Java - Vocal I

Side 1:
1 - Munggang AgengSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Udan Padjaten (Kyahi Kandjeng)Kraton Surakarta08'00
2 - Bedoyo Ketawang - Suluk - PatetanSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Kaduk Manis (Kyahi Kandjeng)Kraton Surakarta11'42

Side 2:
3 - Bedoyo Ketawang AgengSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Kaduk Manis (Kyahi Kandjeng)Kraton Surakarta17'35
4 - Gending TjolopitoSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Manis Renggo (Kyahi)Kraton Surakarta03'26

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