Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Torkaman - Music from Iranian Turkmenistan - Cassette published in Iran (early 1990s)

Chaharomin Djashnvareh Mousiqi Fajr 
(4. Fajr Music Festival) - Vol. 12

performed by:
Grouhe (ensemble) Azad Mahali

Turkmen music from the Iranian part of Turkmenistan. This cassette contains music of Bakhshis (bards) accompanying themselves on Dutar and accompanied on Gidjak, a spike fiddle called in Iran and Azerbaijan Kamancheh.

"Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan:
Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan remain very conservative in comparison to their brethren in Turkmenistan. Islam plays a much more prominent role in Iran and Afghanistan where Turkmen follow many traditional Islamic practices that many Turkmen in Turkmenistan have abandoned as a result of decades of Soviet rule. In addition, many Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan have remained at least semi-nomadic and traditionally work in agriculture/animal husbandry and the production of carpets In Iran about 2 000,000 Turkmen are primarily concentrated in the provinces of Golestan and North Khorasan."

"The Turkmens reside in the north of the (Iranian) province Golestan, a plain called Turkmen Sahra. This former nomadic people live in this area from 15th century, main cities of which are Gonbad-e Kavus and Bandar Torkaman." 

Here some more Turkmen music from the former Soviet Union:

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