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Talib Hussain (Tabla & Pakhawaj) and other Tablaiyas - Cassette from Pakistan

Ustad Talib Hussain was one of the major two or three Tabla players in Pakistan from the 1960s to the 1990s and one of the last remaining Pakhawaj players of Pakistan. He was well versed in both Tabla and Pakhawaj playing. He learned from his uncle Baba Malang Khan of Talwandi. Later on he further studied with Ustad Gami Khan of Dehli Gharana. In addition, he was the last recognized practitioner of the Punjab style of Pakhawaj playing (from which the tabla gharana has its roots). Unfortunately, at a relatively young age, Ustad Sahib was murdered in a mosque by militants in Lahore in 1993. 
We present here a cassette published in Peshawar, Pakistan. We don't remember from whom we obtained this cassette and unfortunately we didn't scan the original cover. These recordings are different from the ones published in 1974 on LP by EMI Pakistan and now available for download on many download platforms like Amazon, Musicload, emusic etc.

Bosmart just posted on his blog "La Logique interne" apparently the original version of this cassette:

The correct track info according to the cover below - posted by Bosmart - is, if we read it correctly:

Side A:
1. Savari Panch Tal by Ustad Talib Hussain
2. Tintal (Vilambit & Drut) by Abdul Sattar Tari (Tari Khan)

Side B:
1. Rupak Tal by Ustad Akhtar Hussain
2. Pakhawaj Jhaptal by Ustad Talib Hussain

The version which we copied many many years ago was from a cassette published by Ariana Recording in Peshawar. Unfortunately we didn't copy the cover and in the deciphering of the names of musicians we made either mistakes or the information given on this cassette was not correct. Anyway, the Ariana cassette seems to be a later copy of the original Lok Virsa cassette. We are very grateful to Bosmart to have posted the original version.

About Abdul Sattar Tari (Tari Khan) (born 1953):

There were two Tabla masters by the name of Akhtar Hussain, one of them being the last Khalifa of the Punjab Gharana. I guess here we have this Akhtar Hussain.

On the Punjab Gharana see:

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